• name. Leslye Penelope
  • birthday. April 18
  • dayjob. Digital Video Specialist
  • other jobs. Head Black Woman in Charge of reflection:digital, Filmmaker, Web Designer, Video Installation Artist
  • future jobs. Science Fiction writer, Choreographer, Song Writer, Sign Language Interpreter, Mother
  • interesting facts. My graduate thesis was entitled “The Voyeur Project,” so unfortunately when you Google me, you get all sorts of prurient and salacious content.
  • what is phatalspin? Phatalspin is a hard drive error (e.g. “Hard drive error: fatal spin” accompanied by a lovely MacsBugs bomb which means you should just pack up and go home cause you’re not getting any more work done today) It’s also my DJ name, not that I really DJ enough to deserve an actual name, but there you have it. Some find it disturbing, perhaps a little too dark, but those people will just have to get over it because www.leslyejames.com is far too boring a URL – and nobody spells my name right anyway.
  • about this site. This site began in 1999 as a project in a Multimedia class I took my last semester at Howard University. I purchased the domain name in 2000 and set up shop. Originally, it was a way to develop my nascent web design skills. And then it was just a repository for stuff… everybody needs a homepage right? Technically, I think we’re on version 4.0 now. You can check out some of the development of my site at the Internet archive.
  • colophon. HTML courtesy of Dreamweaver tweaked by hand using Textpad. I design everything in Fireworks (I am NOT a Photoshop fan) WordPress is used for weblogging cause it’s cool and makes valid and aesthetically pleasing XHTML code – (although Leslye doesn’t). Stock imagery courtesy of istockphoto.com.

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