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The Man from Summervale

This year’s entry for the 48 Hour Film Project.
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Prop: Cheese
Character: Tim Thackery, Mechanic
Dialogue: “I’ve looked and I can’t find it.”

UPDATE: This film is the winner of: Best Musical Score, Best Use of Line of Dialogue, Best Choreography for the 48 Hour Film Project, Hampton Roads, VA

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Raisin Skates

There’s a great new band on the scene and it’s called Raisin Skates. ¬†They’re sort of hardcore, shoegaze, post-punk, anti-hip-hop, alt-folk. ¬†Check out their cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” recorded live at Seattle’s Experience Music Project.
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Sister – 48 Hour Film Project 2009


This was a tough year for me for the 48 Hour Film Project. New city, new team, new actors. And to top it all off, I picked the genre horror. Not my favorite. I think we had a good story that was a little too complicated to tell properly in the time allotted. And I had to change some things during filming.

Also, my camera stopped working after about 3 hours of shooting. My theory is that a bug crawled into the tape transport (I’d been flicking them off the camera all morning). That little disaster caused an early lunch while I went home to regroup. Thankfully, a tape cleaning cassette and a little shaking did the trick and we were back on track by the afternoon.

Overall, it was as good a weekend as any. I felt a bit brain dead during the process and I don’t feel like I brought my ‘A’ game, but I had a great team and everyone worked really hard. Enjoy!

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Transformers 2 Review


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a brief message from me


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Cupid, Incorporated


View larger version here.

I’m updating my blog with something old (or maybe new to you) because Jared keeps falling asleep when I want to record a new movie review. (We’ve had some very interesting movie experiences lately). At any rate, with the wedding last year, and living in Norfolk this year, I haven’t done the 48 Hour Film Project in 2 years. I’m hoping to either have a team or at least join a team for the Virginia Beach version, which should be later this summer. Provided, of course, I can round up/meet anyone interested down here. For nostalgia’s sake, here is my last 48 Hour Film (from 2007), for your enjoyment.

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Movie Reviews: Star Trek, Wolverine


Our late night post film wrap ups continue with two of the summer’s latest blockbusters. Summary: skip the mutants, but Star Trek is a must see.

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Glorious Summer


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Music: “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” by Danny Elfman

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