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Movie Review: The Soloist


Jared and I see a lot of movies, so we decided to try our hand at reviewing them. Of course we decided to review it once we got home and it was fresh in our minds, which meant that Jared was basically asleep. (Kind of like how he was during the actual movie – sigh.)

*For those that don’t know – Jareslye is a combination of our names, Jared and Leslye. You know like Bragelina, or whatever, because we’re obviously fabulous superstars.

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The Toast


My brother’s toast on engagement night…

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A Very Merry Engagement


I hope everyone’s holiday was as wonderful and blessed as mine!


The Tortoise and the Hare


I’m taking an ASL (American Sign Language) class at a local community college. I took a year of sign language in high school, and ever since then I’ve wanted to become an interpreter. When I get tired of designing websites, that will be my next career, or co-career. Who knows? Now I’m finally starting down the path… This video was for my ASL 1 class. I plan to post a subtitled version too, check it out and see if you can follow….

Update… below is the subtitled version, enjoy!

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Thanksgiving Karaoke

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After the turkey, the real fun begins. Here you’ll find two of the stars of my short film Cupid, Incorporated, and their father/manager, cutting loose with American Idol Karaoke.

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SF DocFest


(This video contains adult language)

I’ll be in San Francisco tomorrow for the SF DocFest. We’re screening the documentary that I’ve been working on for most of my 20’s (at least that’s what it feels like). Finally. Whoo hoo!

Saturday, Sep 29 and Sunday, Sep 30 at 5pm at the Roxie. Get tickets!

See you there!


Who are you calling old?


After an abbreviated Videoblogging Week due to my life just being too freakin’ hectic (5 days is a week too you know), I got some sage advice today. I will have to reflect on it seriously…

Thanks to Mark and David for making appearances today, and oh yeah, that is not my cake. It just represents the appropriate state of mind one should hold on one’s birthday…

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Videoblogging Week – Day 5: Open Parking

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As you can see this piece does break this week’s rule of no editing, however, in my defense, since I technically did not direct the video, I have not cheated.

1:30, 7.3 MB