2005 – The B-sides

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As I said farewell to another year I realized there was so much left unsaid… so much footage left unseen… I thought of doing a wrap-up of the year, but instead I will leave you with some of the B-sides – clips that time almost forgot, but now have received another chance for glory.

Music: Matt Taylor

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  1. 3/01/2006Dooser say:

    That made me smile. Thanks.

  2. 5/01/2006Reese say:

    That was cool, Leslye. 😀

  3. 9/01/2006Juicy77 say:

    Awww. :o)

  4. 16/01/2006Levois say:

    Chicago has about the same law with regards to cell phone usage while driving. I kind of thought we were the first in the nation. LOL