48 Hour Film Project


TRT: 7:39, 33MB

I’m not exactly sure why I thought it would be fun to enter the DC 48 Hour Film Project. Then again, as tired as I am, it’s still difficult to think clearly. But I am recovering. Another full night of sleep should put me back up at full capacity again. So anyway, here’s what I did this weekend. (For those unaware, this film was completely conceived, written, shot, and edited between 7pm Friday and 7pm Sunday. Some of the music was also recorded during this time period.)

I am incredibly indebted to everyone who came out and worked on this project!!!

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  1. 2/05/2005karmagrrrl say:

    Hey Leslye:
    First, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on completing this project. It’s great that your creativity supersedes any logic of sleep coming first. Who needs sleep when you can play? :). Next, I want to say – what a wonderful story. I had to watch it twice because it had multiple layers I thought I missed. It definitely kept me tuned in. How did you guys come up with the story? What I got out of it is a “returning to your roots” theme. What does Sonny’s speech mean exactly when he mentions the family member forgetting the present. I’d like to hear your commentary on it – you know like in a “Director’s” cut. 🙂

  2. 3/05/2005Ed S. say:

    Wonderful. Isn’t it amazing what the pressure of a tight deadline can inspire? It may take you a few days to recover before you can sit back and take in your own creation. The cast was beautiful and the lighting magnificent. Great work.

  3. 3/05/2005Leslye say:

    Thanks so much! The idea first came about because we wanted costumes that were easy to obtain and fairly organic. Even though we had the sci-fi genre (btw, the genres are picked randomly at the beginning of the weekend), I didn’t want to try to do something cheesy with costuming. The four “beings” are based on deities in the Yoruba tradition called “orishas”. We had the characteristics and colors associated with the orishas when we wrote the script. The story went through a lot of changes before it was simplified enough to fit the 7-minute timeline. Sci-fi is actually my favorite genre, so I was really excited that it was the one given to us for the project.

    The remark that Sonny makes has more to do with the fact that the orisha he represents is the ‘trickster’ than anything else. He’s almost like the jester who knows that when Zola comes back from this journey she won’t bring him back anything.

  4. 5/05/2005Reese say:

    That was really great, Leslye! You guys did an excellent job. It’s not
    what I expected when I saw the genre would be sci-fi. What an interesting
    twist. Next year (if ya’ll do it next year) I have to do it too.
    Sounds like fun. Again, great job! 🙂

  5. 5/05/2005Rhome say:

    Good stuff. I’m mad that I didn’t pick up on the orisha theme from jump. Makes it even cooloer

  6. 5/05/2005Dooser say:


    That was very, very impressive. I’m proud.

  7. 10/05/2005Marla say:

    Your talent is one of many reasons that I feel blessed to know you.
    Congratulations on time well spent.

  8. 18/05/2005renegade say:

    That was so enjoyable – it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time!