Cry_Wolf Premiere II


Here’s some press coverage from the Cry_Wolf film premiere. You get to hear my brother, the other cast and filmmakers plug the film. Both videos happen to be by the same “correspondent”.

Horror dot com Video’s coverage
Horror dot com Video’s coverage

(Both videos require Real Player)

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  1. 19/10/2005jonny goldstein say:

    Hey, I see it grossed almost ten million bucks! Your bro is buying dinner.

  2. 3/01/2006Alias: Willow Greenridge say:

    Cry_Wolf, and I speak for my bunch of buddies when I say it was definitely one of the best (one of, i said!) movies of 2005. I congratulate Jeff Wadlow and Beau Bauman on an excellent job of this awesome movie. Most critcs I see online are bashing this movie, saying how it was ‘just another teen movie’. They say they were disappointed in it. I rate this movie a not-so-startling 10 out of five. (don’t question the laws of fractions! [which i don’t know!])