If Today is Your Birthday…


Today IS my birthday, and I wanted a few other opinions on the matter…

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  1. 18/04/2005Dooser say:

    Happy Birthday! April Birthdays rock!

  2. 18/04/2005Doug say:

    What a cool idea for a vlog. Really enjoyed this.

  3. 18/04/2005el say:

    For real tho, how does one go from years of “[not paying] attention to
    horoscopes or anything like that” to gettin a Double-Aries tattoo’d on
    their wrist in the span of 24 hours!!!?? I’m tellin ya, that smart look
    and proper/refined speech of yours can’t fool me; you are wild ma!!!
    Straight up!!

    It’s all good tho… have a Happy one witcha wild self…

    luv ya,

    ps. i got a feelin your blog script might try to h8 on me.. so just for the
    record, it’s still 4.18 out in cali. heh!

  4. 19/04/2005Marla say:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Much enjoyment and enjoyable
    festivities are wished for and upon you. Enjoy enjoy enjoy…
    next thing you know you’ll be THIRTY and wondering where it all went.
    *nervous laughter*

  5. 19/04/2005karmagrrrl say:

    Happy Birthday!

    Here’s your horoscope from freewillastrology.com: I think you’re ready for your once-a-decade reminder from Anais Nin about the hazards of not growing. I first brought her pithy quote to the attention of the Aries tribe back in 1993. It had a salubrious effect on many of you, dissolving some of your crystallized fears and speeding up your evolution. Let’s hope it works the same magic this time: “The day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” (P.S. Think back to where you were in 1993. It’s time for you to leap to the next level as you resume working on a long-term project you began back then.)

    –Funny, that’s one of my favorite quotes.

  6. 19/04/2005Michael Verdi say:

    Happy Birthday! I always forget to check my horroscope on my birthday!

  7. 19/04/2005filthpunkdammit say:

    happy birthday! sounds like those horoscopes are trying to tell you to keep making great videos…

  8. 20/04/2005Reese say:

    Oh, I’m so late. Happy B-day. Do you think the person who wrote
    the Macon, GA horiscope was psychic? They were able to predict that
    you work with techie stuff. That was scary…