Profiles: part 1


Here’s the first in a series about people I know. Meet Ellery. This is where Ellery lives. Come take the tour.

1:42, 9MB

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  1. 2/07/2005Josie say:

    If only I could live with few possessions!!!!

  2. 3/07/2005Reese say:

    Wow. Only a guy would think it’s okay to sleep on a mat on the floor. 😉

  3. 4/07/2005Josh Leo say:

    Wow! Is that his entire living space?! p.s. the laugh at the end was FANTASTIC (That’s your Mom right?)

  4. 5/07/2005Tia say:

    Hey, we have the same color scheme! Is that his whole place? Whoa. I could go for a mat on the floor if it saved space. Better for your back anyway…

  5. 8/07/2005Earl say:

    Yo El!
    Y’all are crazy, how can you sleep on that mat man? I think the hardwood floor is affecting your brain. You need help. I’m sending you a better blanket for your birthday. Maybe a nice picture while I’m at it.

  6. 12/07/2005Serra say:

    That laugh is amazing! I wish I knew people with great laughs, I would so totally do a series…

  7. 17/07/2005renegade say:

    Ellery sure leads a spartan life! But I like it, it’s so simple.

  8. 29/07/2005adam say:

    talk about super-organized.
    I can’t believe he actually tapes off the exact area where he plans on hanging a picture.
    also, I’ve been sleeping on a mat for the past two nights at the office cause my a/c went out at home.
    they’re not bad. it’s like camping.

  9. 3/08/2005cindylu say:

    My brothers sleep on mats on the floor. It works for them.

  10. 31/08/2005Javed say:

    But Ellery! Can you get it on on a mat?