Technical Difficulties


My videoblogging has been sparse lately for a variety of reasons: house-hunting, moving, equipment drama… It’s very sad that it costs more to fix my poor little camera than I paid for it in the first place.

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  1. 22/03/2005Mica say:

    HI L! really enjoyed the video. I cant believe what you had to do to get the tape out! You are rather skilled with those little screwdrivers, though. Maybe when you put it back together you can make a little robot dog out of it instead of a broken camera?!

  2. 22/03/2005Dooser say:

    Good for you. That takes some skill…and some guts. I’m proud.

  3. 22/03/2005Yves say:

    This post is hilarious and well shot. I am amazed it took that much deconstruction to get the tape. You’re very patient and determined. I like the time lapse.

  4. 22/03/2005charlene say:

    i really wish you would put a warning up before i decide to watch something like this.
    i wasn’t prepared to get so inimate with you and your lifestyle.
    you are brave to show me such things.

  5. 22/03/2005Shannon say:

    When will the funeral be? I imagine it pushing up little metalic daisies. I weep badly just thinking about it. But…you must save a part, a special part, for the reliquary.

  6. 23/03/2005Doug say:

    I took a camera apart once long ago. I never could really get it baack together in working condition. Those darn things just have too many little parts. If you get yours back together (and working) let me know I’ve got an old 8mm camcorder that needs some work and I could use it as an extra camera. Hope to see you vlogging again soon.

  7. 25/03/2005Reese say:

    Hey, did George Lucas help you make this? Was there CGI involved?
    I know I saw some CGI!
    That was funny! 🙂

  8. 27/03/2005jay dedman say:

    my video camera is screwed as well.
    it just beeps ate me.
    so i know just use my digital still camera.
    i think you should smash the camera.
    i love that youre in the bathroom.