The Long Road To Vloggercue


A few weeks ago some videobloggers had a barbeque in Jersey. I brought along my friend Thea. Getting there was half the battle.

1:34, 8.3MB

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  1. 3/08/2005Jan say:

    Hey, L, didn’t realize how much traveling you did to get there! Wow! Know what you mean about the street signs, but it isn’t just Hoboken, it’s ALL of NJ. It was nice to meet you.


  2. 4/08/2005schlomo say:

    Hey, I know how some of this ends!

    But I didn’t meet you. I saw you but you were always sitting quiet on the couch.

  3. 4/08/2005adam say:

    Tons of people walked into neighbor Bill’s party by mistake.
    That’s a hell of a journey by train. Was it worth the effort to hang out with a bunch of geeks drinking beer?
    You don’t have to answer that.

  4. 4/08/2005Cuoredifango say:

    Very nice work, it makes you feel the road

  5. 6/08/2005jonny goldstein say:

    we had almost the same experience. got lost, went into the neighbors apt…and i have no excuse, having been to adam’s place before.