Videoblogging Week: Day 2 – Part Two of Cooking Dangerously

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Here is the sequel to yesterday’s informative presentation on how best to burn up your girlfriend’s kitchen.
goes on and on….

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  1. 5/04/2006Steve Garfield say:

    Glad to see you used a plastic bag and that the apartment didn’t burn down. I was concerned.

  2. 5/04/2006Levois say:

    😆 Due to increased diversity training, there will be no footage of black people eating fried chicken in this video. Classic.

  3. 5/04/2006vincent njoroge say:

    Love the diversity training line! Glad to see no itis included either.

  4. 10/04/2006Tony Armstrong say:

    OK now I’m really hungry. What is the recipe for the coating? Vlog dangerously! Share your secrets.

  5. 11/04/2006Juicy say:

    ROFL at the diversity training disclaimer! That brought tears to my eyes. Um, here’s my fried chicken secret. Season the chicken AND the batter.

  6. 21/04/2006Reese say:

    ROTFL! That Diversity line was hi-larious!

    PS: What is that man doing in MY house? Destroying MY kitchen? How you gonna let random dudes just come in a destroy the sanctity of MY crib like that? You need to check that. ;p~~~

    PPS: Why are you making me do math for the “anti-spam?” You know lawyers don’t do math. How am I supposed to know what 10 + 3 equals?

    Some friend…