Videoblogging Week – Day 3: Colors


Black people love The Color Purple. It’s not a stereotype, it’s a sweeping generalization. Everybody has their favorite line – mine is “Nothing but death can keep me from it!” What’s yours?

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  1. 29/03/2005zadi (karmagrrrl) say:

    your family looks like they’re a lot of fun to hang out with… 🙂

  2. 30/03/2005Leslye say:

    actually my relatives are much crazier than that (it’s all love) – those are friends i made a conscious choice to hang out with 🙂

  3. 30/03/2005filthpunkdammit say:

    my gay friends and i used to have “color purple” parties all the time… our favorite line: “girl, i’ll drink your bath water!”

    ps – great vlogs as always!

  4. 30/03/2005Mica say:

    See, real life and TV overlapping, again!
    Oprah and Whoopie, oh, man, that movie is SO good I had totally forgotten, i just added it to my netflix. Is is kosher to have a CP party if you’re not really black or gay, I mean, I’m Jewish and Southern?

  5. 30/03/2005Shannon say:

    I was depressed today, looking at some really dull video blogging. This one changed all that. Thanks for putting this one out there Leslye!