Videoblogging Week – Day 7: Family Business


The end of has arrived! Phew! This post is dedicated to a family member who, out of concern for her privacy will remain anonymous.

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  1. 3/04/2005zadi (karmagrrrl) say:

    that was classic! she’s soo sweet.

  2. 3/04/2005adam say:

    you better just tell her how to blog.
    teach her how easy it is.
    I just taught my dad this weekend.

  3. 3/04/2005Michael Verdi say:

    Does she know yet?

  4. 2/05/2005Tia say:

    OK, I’m late seeing this, but it was too funny. :o)

  5. 11/07/2005josh say:

    Hehehe, Very nice. you guys are cool! Josh from Australia