A Vlog on VloggerCon


I went. I saw. I froze.

But it was worth it to meet live and in person some of the folks who’s videos I watch, laugh at and sit awestruck by. VloggerCon 2005 was a huge success; all of the hard work done by Jay, Ryan, Steve, Peter, Andrew and everyone else who made it possible was amazing and very much appreciated. Since 2005 is the year of the videoblog (again), I’m glad got it started off with such a bang!


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  1. 26/01/2005charlene say:

    yay! I missed you after the bagel with the awful butter incident!
    but, we’re all here inside our comfy computers again. ahhhhh.
    hope to see you someday somewhere… somehow.

    my note pad looked nothing like that one.

  2. 26/01/2005Mica say:

    Nice reflection on the day. I am still sorting it all out myself. Glad to see you in person, looking forward to more of everything.

  3. 26/01/2005jay dedman say:

    glad i got to meet you.
    and yes, next time…videoblogging all the time.
    the tech stuff can have its own conference.

  4. 26/01/2005ryanne say:

    this video kicks ass.
    nice editing!
    also a pleasure to have met you.

  5. 26/01/2005Chuck say:

    very nice!

  6. 27/01/2005Dooser say:

    I thoroughly enjoy this post. Excellent music. My favorite part is when you repeat that one part…with Ryanna waving.


  7. 31/01/2005shannon say:

    well done!

  8. 24/02/2005jonny goldstein say:

    My favorite vloggercon 2005 vlog post yet.