What I did on Christmas vacation, part two


If you’ve never played Taboo before here are the basics: you get a card and have to get your team to say the word on the card, without using any of the taboo words (usually the most obvious words which relate to the chosen word). Got it? Well, you can play along at home.

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  1. 1/01/2005Felix James say:

    Thanks….more to come…beautiful..

  2. 2/01/2005ryanne say:

    your videos are the best.
    words can not describe my emotions when watching these.
    i love seeing your family. i am a huge fan of showing family in videos.
    i feel like i know them, i want to know them.
    they are funny, they are silly, they are emotional.
    very powerful stuff.
    more more more

  3. 2/01/2005charlene say:


  4. 30/01/2005adam say:

    We played Catchphrase for about 6 hours over xmas.
    I really should have taped it.
    I love family videos.